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What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure performed to reduce the size and shape of the labia. This minimally invasive procedure can effectively address any discomfort and restore confidence. An enlarged or misshapen labia may be caused by menopause, childbirth or genetics.

New Beginnings Beverly Hills offers the leading minimally invasive labiaplasty procedure. New Beginnings Beverly Hills is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to perform labiaplasty treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goal. Our doctors are constantly researching new and innovative techniques to remain at the forefront of labiaplasty treatments and procedures.

Candidates for Labiaplasty May Experience:

Labiaplasty Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

A doctor will meet with each patient to evaluate their candidacy for the labiaplasty procedure. A physical examination will be performed during this appointment. The doctor will discuss the patient’s desired aesthetic and goals for this procedure. A personalized treatment plan will be created based on the patient’s concerns and doctor’s expertise. The doctor will then spend time educating the patient on all procedural details on what to expect throughout the entire process.

At New Beginnings Beverly, the labiaplasty procedure can be performed using several techniques. The labiaplasty procedure will be customized based on the patient’s needs and ideal aesthetic. A labiaplasty may be performed to reduce the shape and size of the labia minora or majora. The doctor will advise patients on all recovery details and instructions. Patients may experience slight swelling and discomfort following the procedure. All symptoms will subside within 1-2 weeks of the labiaplasty. On average, full recovery from the procedure may take around 4-6 weeks.

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