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Reasons for Women’s Sexual Dysfunction

Although not a widely discussed topic, many women do suffer from some type of pain, distress, or irritation during sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction can occur during certain sexual activities or all sexual activities and can manifest at various stages in life. Having a problem during sexual activity may be frustrating for both partners involved, but the silver lining is that it’s usually easily treatable, which is good because Everyday Health reports that about 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. If you are having any pains or irritations during sex and suspect that there may be something wrong, be sure to contact the best female urologist in Los Angeles by speaking with Dr. Rusnack at New Beginnings Beverly Hills.


It is important to know what symptoms to look for because sometimes it will help you pinpoint the problem. There are many different types of dysfunction, so there are wide arrays of symptoms that you can experience that may point towards this ailment. Low sexual drive is the most common symptom among women that suffer from sexual dysfunction and manifests itself as a low interest to interact sexually.

Vaginal dryness is another common symptom caused by hormonal changes. Pain during sex is the most straightforward symptom and can stem from many different underlying problems in the women physiology. The possibility of pain during sex also leads to a problem getting aroused and a combination of these symptoms can also lead to an inability to reach orgasm. If you experience any of these problems or suspect that something is not quite right, do not hesitate to speak with the best female urologist in Los Angeles by contacting the experts at New Beginning Beverly Hills.


There are three major categories that cause sexual dysfunction in women: hormonal, physical, and psychological. During the aging process and after giving birth, women have major hormonal shifts that can lead to many of these symptoms and cause sexual dysfunction even after living a full life without experiencing it. Physically, our bodies are always changing, and certain medications and diseases can have an effect on your sexual drive. Even abuses of your body, such as drug or alcohol problems, can translate to a lower sex drive. The social expectations and psychological demands of life take a toll on many of us. Anxiety, depression, and abuse are all things that subconsciously lead to a lack of confidence in the bedroom. Typically, older women experience sexual dysfunction because of the extreme hormonal changes during menopause and the psychological stress of getting older; however, even younger women can be a victim. There are many tests that your doctor can perform to determine if you suffer from this, so it is prudent to get a diagnosis if you believe something is wrong. New Beginnings Beverly Hills is the best female urologist in Los Angeles and you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Rusnack by clicking here.


Most underlying problems can be treated because they stem from a physical or psychological dilemma, so doctors and therapists will be able to target and eradicate it. One of the ways to help with sexual dysfunction is to properly educate women on the changes that occur due to hormones, age, and other outside factors, creating less anxiety and psychological stress that can further exacerbate the problem.

Creating an environment for proper stimulation is also a way to combat sexual dysfunction by making a safe space that a woman can feel relaxed. Fulfilling fantasies, using lighting and music, and adding anything to the sexual routine that will create a more relaxing environment can accomplish this. Finally, utilizing sexual positions and techniques that will minimize pain can lead to a much more enjoyable sexual experience. Whatever the problem may be, talk to a doctor about how to remedy the situation. New Beginnings Beverly Hills is home to the best female urologist in Los Angeles and can help you with your sexual experience.

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